Wise Words From Glossier’s Emily Weiss

I can’t tell how inspired I am by leading women right now. I feel like I spent the entire summer listening to podcast after podcast of stories from women who built empires from the ground up. I’m talking Ina Garten, Sara Blakely of Spanx, Raegan Moya-Jones of Aden + Anais, the list goes on. One such woman is Emily Weiss,  CEO and Founder of Glossier, who was in town this week to launch two new body products (more on those below).

To rewind a bit, some of you may remember Emily as an editorial intern on The Hills. I first heard about her when she launched the intimate and insider-y beauty blog Into The Gloss that led to Glossier, which I briefly touched on here. There are so many great articles and podcasts on how Emily arrived at the place she is today but the most profound thing I remember her saying is that she wanted to create a beauty brand that you’d want to wear its name on a sweatshirt. Isn’t that so simple? Yet no one went there, until she did.


Besides creating a massive community of women who weigh in on the creation of actual Glossier beauty products, Emily and co. are responsible for some pretty major feats like making fun beauty products that don’t take themselves too seriously.  She added an editorial spin on them and it’s a recipe that seems to be working. Although she’s quick to admit that they didn’t invent pink, you could argue that millennial pink is very much the result of the Glossier movement. She told me that they wanted to create their own tone of pink that was cool toned and sheer so it was neutral as opposed to gender specific. She also said that you’ll start to see a colour evolution, in the form of more red, for starters, which Emily relates to the word strong.

In fact, the new Body Hero products launching today feature it on their packaging (which gives major Supreme vibes). Besides the Daily Oil Wash pump that has a handy stopper so you don’t lose any product by twisting and pushing down, both body products have an amazing orange blossom (neroli) scent that was “inspired by chic French baby products.” The Daily Perfecting Cream absorbs right away so you don’t have to marinate in it while wearing your bathroom, says Emily. Check out the campaign that was shot with real women (read not all models) who, like us, come in different shapes, colours and sizes. It was shot by Peggy Sirota, who shoots for Sports Illustrated. The Inso behind the line? Vintage Nike ads, girls from the 70s crouching on skateboards, and more.


If there’s any takeaway from getting up close and personal with Glossier and Emily it’s this: beauty should be for everyone. We can all relate to it in some form or another (yes, even if someone doesn’t wear makeup) and it’s not always about the fancy advertisements or packaging. It’s about how you use it in your daily life and that is between you and your mirror (or showerhead). Oh, and probably your closest friends.

But really, do! I use Boy Brow from Glossier, of course.

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