Shop Files: The Cross Decor & Design

You know the handles on Instagram that you can always rely on for inspiration? The Cross Decor & Design is one of them. I’ve been following their beautifully curated grid for a few years now and only recently had the chance to visit the Vancouver-based store in the flesh. I had about 20 minutes to check it out before the doors closed and it didn’t disappoint. It’s filled to the brim with lifestyle goods like kitchen and tabletop wares, jewellery, gifts and stationary, furniture and so much more.

This is where to find the items to make your kitchen worthy of a Nancy Meyers movie.
Scented pretty things like Lothantique and Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap.
If this spread doesn’t give you baby fever, nothing will.
Just look at all of this white ceramic goodness from Astier de Villatte! Can you spy the John Derian items in the back?
If I lived in Vancouver, I would spend all of my money here.


These are the items I just couldn’t leave at the store: A pretty rose-print dish towel, gold measuring spoons, a Laguiole cheese fork and Canvas Home serving bowl

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