Les Beiges by Chanel: Summer Edition

When it comes to my beauty routine, I’m usually of two minds: bright lipstick or a black-winged liner look. But for those in-between times when I’m not interested in doing either (probably out of sheer laziness), I reach for the neutrals.

It doesn’t get much more neutral than Les Beiges de Chanel. This line conjures images of fresh, glowing skin and minimal-looking makeup (it’s there but it’s meant to look like it isn’t). After all, Gisele was the face of the line for years.

There are three new products in the Healthy Glow lineup for summer: two sheer cream blushes, cushion-compact foundation and a natural eye shadow palette. There’s also a beautiful new foundation brush, which is super soft.

What I noticed first about all of these products was the slip and texture. The cream blush goes on strong enough to see the colour placement but blends to an ultra soft finish. The foundation is even lighter, in fact, it feels wrong to classify it as such. Since the formula is made of more than half water, it disappears into skin instantly. You almost don’t need to blend it in with the foundation brush but it provides such a nice sensorial experience that why wouldn’t you? I’ve been faithful to concealer as my main skin perfecter but this has me reconsidering.

Available at all Chanel beauty counters.




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