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I can’t think of any other beauty product I’ve been let down by more than natural deodorant. The story always starts off well. It usually begins with a try-this recommendation from a friend or colleague declaring it’s “the one” that works for them, only for me to buy, then try it for a few days before realizing it’s me, not them. And it’s not like I haven’t tried my fair share over the years. But like all good love stories, you have to resolve not to give up looking until you find the one, amirite?

After listening to legendary beauty writer, Jean Godfrey-June (now of Goop fame) on the beauty podcast Fat Mascara, I felt that familiar tingle again after hearing her talk about a natural deodorant called Schmidt’s. Here’s what got me: the story, of course. After hearing it was created by a mom in her kitchen, I had to find out more. Turns out the story, is just that. The creator, Jaime Schmidt, started it as a hobby in her Portland Oregon kitchen when she was pregnant. Its humble beginnings in a jar has since evolved to also offering traditional sticks, which are my preference.

So, you’re probably wondering what happened next? Well, I’m only on day seven of the honeymoon phase and so far, I haven’t experienced excessive wetness and the scent outlasts my other top two faves (above). They have so many scents available but I went with the Rose + Vanilla first, in travel-size because they were sold out of the regular. I also picked up the Cedarwood + Juniper, which I’m thinking will be my fall scent.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a strictly-natural deodorant or otherwise, beauty lover. I just like the idea of using natural products on certain body parts and my pits happen to be one of them.


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