Friday Flowers: White Roses

It’s no secret that I love flowers. Some people go grocery shopping to start the weekend, well, I like to go flower shopping. I’ve been on a rose kick lately and the best deal for them is at Costco, yes Costco! For about $25 you can get 24 long-stem beauties. Here’s how I make cheap flowers look expensive.

Start with warm water to encourage the petals to open up.


Remove any outer petals that are looking sad (brown, crunchy, etc.) and then gently fold outer petals down and over. Then, give the centre of the rose a gentle blow to open them up further. See the before…


This is how it should look after.


So pretty, right? They go from wimpy to wow. After they’re all ready for the vase (not going to lie, the whole process takes a while), be sure to remove any leaves from the stem that are under the water level to prevent bacteria growth. These should last you a week, until next Friday, that is.


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