The Allure of Farmers’ Markets

I never can resist a good farmers’ market when I stumble across one. The rainbow of colours, the selection of good-for-you produce and locally-made goods, it’s all so enticing. You want me to buy a two dozen farm fresh eggs? Of course I will. Oh, that honey/maple syrup/jam is made in Ontario? Pack some up for me. That challah loaf is still warm from the oven? I’ll take two. Welcome to my weekends in the spring.


This small farmer’s market happens every Wednesday and Sunday at the west parking lot at the Hillcrest mall in Richmond Hill. The people here are so nice that they let me take my food in good faith that I’d pay them back! Like, who even does that these days? They also have a ton of food to try before you buy.


Carrots are so much more appealing with their tops on. Right now I’m obsessed with making carrots with black sesame + ginger (shoutout to It’s All Easy by Gwyneth Paltrow). It’s such an easy dish and it’s flavourful and pretty! It’s also listed as a detox item if you’re into that sort of thing.


Asparagus is a favourite in our house. When I’m not broiling it with good olive oil and sea salt for dinner, we’re having it with soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. Did you know that you can just snap off the bottoms and they break in the right place? No knife skills required. Whenever I eat this gorgeous green stuff I’m instantly transported to this scene in Eat Pray Love. If this doesn’t make you want to eat asparagus then we can’t be friends.

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